A Successful Entrepreneur

A Successful Entrepreneur

A Successful Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur is not as easy as what people frequently think. They have passed a lot of failures but they did not give up. When you start a business, you have to know about 2 possibilities that may happen. They are success and failure. It can be more difficult to be successful in business if you still have these 5 attitudes.
Controlling too much parts

As a leader, you would be better to have your own assistant with you. Now you have to try to learn about how to trust people to do a job. Make sure that you do not choose the wrong person because it will impact your company’s credibility.

Do not want to know about others’ opinion
A bad leader is who always thinks that his decision is the best decision ever. It is hard for him to consider other people’s opinions. This kind of attitude can make your workers feel disappointed about work even want to quit. It will be a disadvantage for you if they are an excellent worker because by their quit, they will work for your competitors’ company.

Source : Pengusaha Sukses Kudo https://kudo.co.id/blog/pengusaha-sukses

Never do mind about critics
Learning is not always about getting acknowledge from books. Listening to people about who we are is also called as a learning process. You will know about the other’s opinion about you and you will know what to do next to make them feel comfortable talking to you.

Bad at Time Management
Time is important to manage wisely. Everybody can buy any clothes but nobody even can buy time. No one can turn back the time. A leader who cannot manage his time wisely should be the one who does not respect the time given to him. People who do not respect time or bad in time management also do the delay of working.

Bad problem solver
A bad leader is a bad problem solver. This case may happen because he does not want to know about others’ opinion. It makes the decision he take might be a wrong decision. This problem is also included about how he solve a problem.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, try to avoid those 5 attitudes from you.

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