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House Paying Prevention Strategy

House Paying Prevention Strategy

Property prices, one residence, will increase. Because the land is increasingly limited, while the population in our country is increasing.

No wonder if everyone seems to scramble to get home as a place to live. Various ways were taken, including by installments.

But installing a home does not mean to make your salary so just passing through. Consider the strategy for your savings are not thinning.

The total amount of debt repayments overall should rumah idaman not exceed 30% of your income. This is to prevent any disruption to operational costs (meals, transportation, utility bills, credit and other charges).

Odd, right, if the salary runs out for mortgage repayments, while you have to owe to pay for daily needs.

Do not be tempted immediately when you see the ad housing. Remember, the bank only helps 70% of the price of his house, while you have to collect DP.

Prepare funds for DP house plus notary fees and taxes by saving for 1-3 years earlier.

In order to quickly accumulate, use bonuses, THR, money side job results, and your dividends for these savings.

Sacrifice your desire first to have a new vehicle, expensive branded goods, or the habit of hanging out at favorite cafés.

All funds are better collected to help the DP accumulate. If calculated, the budget you spend to eat in cool restaurants and spending for a year is probably enough to raise DP funds home.

If your monthly income is not enough and you can hardly live with the remaining salary after deducting the installment, you should lighten the amount of the installment by extending the credit period. For example, from 10 years to 15 years.

When you buy a second home, try to negotiate with the previous owner about the waivers of DP payments.

For example, you request a DP payment in installments within a certain time period and without interest.

Home Away From City Center, Origin …

Home Away From City Center, Origin …

Limitations of land and costs make us have to be heartened to buy a house in an area far from downtown.

The problem is the distance to the city center-where is your location to work-quite far away, even you need more than an hour to travel.

Surely the sacrifice of the time is not small, especially considering the fuel budget to be spent.

So, in order not to trouble you, even if you intend to buy a home away from the city center, make sure at least four of these six points are in your home.

The size of the house is bigger

Make sure the breadth of your home-including the yard-is bigger than the same valuable house downtown.

The problem is if you buy a house that is too small in suburban or suburban areas, once you get home you will feel more tired.

The small house gives the impression of being confined. As much as possible the house has a page and a room that makes you free to move.

Access is plenty

That is not only the house can be reached through one street or one means of transportation, but there are other alternatives.

For example, your house is quite close to the highway, so you can use the highway facilities to get to your home.

However, to get to your house, there are still other gambar rumah minimalis alternative ways, even can be reached by using the train transportation.

Public vehicles operate until night

There are times when you do not always use private vehicles. For example when trying to save fuel, or when the vehicle is damaged.

For that, make sure public vehicles around the house can be relied upon until night. You see, the area of ​​easy vehicles generally tend to be crowded and more secure than the area that the vehicle is generally limited.

Complete facilities

It’s useless, dong, if you occupy an area of ​​†<†<an unending housing, not even a mini market nearby.

When you are in a state of urgency, such as gas or gallons of water at home runs out, you certainly need a facility that provides the need.

Make sure there is also a health facility near your home. Do a survey before buying a house, see the conditions around the house, whether there is a mini market, food stalls, health facilities, and security.

There is progress

Pay attention to the conditions in your home environment. If from 10 years ago until now the area has not changed-you can survey or ask the people around-you should undo your intentions as this indicates the absence of home value growth.

Select the surrounding housing looks positive changes, for example, the road is getting wider, the more online transportation around the house, or start built campus or office around it.

Trusted developers

Remember, local governments are beginning to be firm in setting the rules for housing development, for example not in watersheds, and not in high-voltage electrical areas.

Some well-known and trusted developers tend to follow the rules. However, there are also rogue developers who outsmart it. Instead of gambling, better choose housing that the developer bona fide.

Do It If You Do A Grocery Store At Home

Do It If You Do A Grocery Store At Home

A grocery store is one of the favorite businesses for home-based businesses. Goods are sold in this small shop is always needed by anyone, so you are not too busy looking for customers.

Opening a grocery store is more simple than opening a food stall. Why, this type of business does not force you to do the processing. All you need to do is take the goods for resale alias kulak.

In fact, if your turnover is large enough, it is the agent or distributor of the products that come to your house and deliver merchandise.

However, because usually the location of the store is in your own home-or at least close to home, there are a number of tips to keep in mind to make this business a success.

Consider the location

Indeed, it would be easier if the store location using one part of your house, such as a garage or a room that is no longer in use.

But, as much as possible the room is separated from the main house. The reason, even though you already maintain the neatness and cleanliness of the store, still just a grocery store synonymous with messy and stuff that sometimes scattered.

In order not to house a messy follow-up, make sure there is a special door that separates your store and main house.

For example, if your house is level, the bottom can be used as a shop, whereas you and your family live upstairs.

Do a survey

Check the condition of the housing environment. If there is a large and complete grocery store, avoid opening the same store too close together.

Do not forget to inform your store to neighbors as a promotion. You can also provide a special price for purchasing certain products to make them more interested.

Do also your business plan to the authorities to know the tax to be paid.

Distinguish the budget

Although personal consumption and business capital needs are almost the same, do not put shop budgets together with a budget for personal spending. Distinguish the budget, and if necessary shop at different places.

This is to prevent the use of merchandise for personal purposes that even damage the activities of cash stalls. Do not be surprised if later you can not even profit if you do not make a budget distinction.

Store your store

Although basic foods become the main product of your store, does not mean you can arrange the goods casually and do not care about the appearance of the shop.

A dirty, uninteresting, and sleazy shop does not necessarily attract buyers, even if your product is very complete. Arrange the product neatly by type, eg food products not adjacent to the detergent.

Perform floor cleaning and store shelves every week, as well as sorting items to prevent expiration every month.

There is a storage area

Prepare a special room as an additional warehouse to store your stock of goods. Do not keep everything inside the shop because it will make the shop more messy, full, and you too hard to move while in it.

Yuk, take advantage of the BPJS Employment to buy a home!

In fact, the main benefit of the BPJS staffing (BPJS-TK) is to provide social security for the participants.

Managed by State agencies, BPJS serves to provide protection on labor and anticipate socio-economic risk, through the guarantee of work Accidents (JKK), death (JKM) Guarantee, guarantee old age (AGE), and so on.

In addition to all these services, unfortunately not many people know that the BPJS Employment also have additional services. The service is intended help society aka the participants in terms of housing.

This service is in fact already existed since long, but underutilized apartemen di solo  by the BPJS-TK participants. For it, for those of you who plan to buy a home in the next year and is still constrained by the affair cost, now is the time You use the facilities of these housing grants with a maximum.

Before knowing what services proffered BPJS-TK, it’s good community understand the first five terms specified.

House prices at Rp500 Million maximum hounded (non-subsidized)
To be able to propose construction loans, MORTGAGE, cash advance loans or housing, workers must be registered to become an active participant BPJS Employment of at least one year.
Credit filing made at the Office of the branch Bank BTN by bringing the required administration requirements. The terms of the Administration is the same as the filing of MORTGAGES in General.
Home raised its credit is the home of the first participant. When the couple husband and wife are participants of the BPJS employment, then only one party can file a MORTGAGE.
The entire process of filing MORTGAGE refers to the terms and conditions imposed bank BTN and the governing authority of the banking business.
To help the housing of the BPJS-TK, there are at least four types of services offered. Cash advance Loans include housing (PUMP), Mortgages (MORTGAGES), construction loans (KK), and Renovation of Housing Loans (PRP).

1. Cash advance loan housing (PUMP)

Cash advance loans are given on a number of people who have trouble buying a house in Mortgages (MORTGAGES). The reason for not having appropriate down payment requirements for purchasing a home.

Cash advance assistance given to communities that have earnings below the Rp4 million, or under the UMP. In other words, this service is reserved for people on low incomes (MBR).

2. Mortgages (MORTGAGES)

For help with MORTGAGES, BPJS Employment divide it into 2 types; i.e. the subsidy and non-subsidy.

MORTGAGE subsidy given to the home is priced in accordance with the Government. MORTGAGE financing with a maximum cash advance loans (PUM) to 99%, and the interest in accordance with the current Government in the 5%.

While for non-subsidized MORTGAGES granted for home with a maximum price at Rp500 million. Maximum MORTGAGE financing schemes PUM up to 90% and the interest rates of the bank margin rate BI amounted to 3%.

3. Construction loans (KK)

Service construction loans awarded for overall Employment BPJS participants. Yet only devoted to the construction of the tread with the interest rates of the bank margin rate of BI.

4. Renovation of Housing Loans (PRP)

BPJS Employment will give a loan of a maximum of Rp50 Million with a tenor of 10 years for PRP service. To get this service, or 3 the previous service, there are procedures that have to be met. Starting from the process of filing, until approval of the petition.

Local Government of Bali Prioritize Development to the West and North

Basically a chance to become a prima donna for the development of business property if it has at least two advantages. The first condition is indeed quite geographically advantageous, and secondly of course network infrastructure adequate enough.

Such is the condition in the future, will make the region of Western perumahan solo baru  and Northern Bali grew into a favourite location for business development property in Bali.

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West Bali for example. As expressed by Kade Ray Setiawan, Owner of Bali Property, its still a lot so it’s still cheaper when compared with 7 other districts in Bali.

Current price range land in West Bali around Rp200 thousand up to Rp1 million/m2. While its strategic location in the future will be the best traffic line linking Java and Bali. As the main lines and the main access roads.

While the position of North Bali which is adjacent to seas eventually did make this location most appropriate to develop water-based tourism business or marine.

Current price range land in North Bali still ranges from 2.5 up to Rp1 million/m2. Besides will be developed North ring road with a route that passes through Kuta – Gilimanuk – Singaraja, this location will also be developed as the international airport in Bali.

Interestingly, the price of land in Bali can take 2 x in 1 year with the increase from 100 to 200 thousand. And the price of the most expensive land in Bali, Seminyak, Badung, namely Kuta and Legian.

As articulated by Putu Subada Kusuma, from the ERA of the KING, the Government’s policy related Areas of Bali opening permit seluasnya to the development of the hotel, then the choice of Western or North Bali could be the best alternative given around the area not many hotels standing.

While regarding the existence of a property agent that operates illegally in Bali, Bali, AREBI DPD as a party who was appointed by the Ministry of trade will try to continue to supervise the acts of their horns regularly so that it could report it to the relevant agencies.

Indeed, the only information the Subada Putu also served as Chairman of DPD Bali, it’s good not only from their home institution that conducts surveillance, but also from other agencies such as the Ministry of labour, immigration, Tourism and, given the existence of those associated with the institution.

The Benefits Of This Investment Apartments Kos

If your money has not been sufficient to build a large rented or kos, kos apartments could be an option.

Apartments kos was built by the developers of apartments near the campus and facilities which have more emphasis on the needs of the student.

Some of the apartments in the area of UI Depok and Jatinangor Sumedang many of kos apartments and you can have the units. The following are the benefits of investing in this apartment.

Strategic location

Location of apartment tends to be not far from the campus so that students can reach the beaches by simply walking or using a vehicle in a short time.

You also can directly market their apartments while holding an open house or campus accepts new student registration.

A fairly complete facilities

Yummy this apartment, you no longer have to hire employees as a security guard and hygiene. Apartment parties usually already have employees who will undertake operational activities such as maintenance, cleanliness and security.

You simply pay a monthly fee — this monthly fee you can will be loaded to the tenants of kos.

Marketing assistance

There are some developers who will not let it empty apartments. So even though you don’t get a link or still hard to market your apartment, the developers will help you find a tenant.

Can be rented on a monthly basis and annual

The length of the duration the tenant depends on your agreement and if he was from the beginning you allow tenants in rented for a year, you should make arrangements so that there is no harm in the form of damaged goods, other than that ask for a deposit and specify the date of the monthly payments.

While if a tenant signed for monthly, ask him to inform 1-2 months in advance if they are going out, so you could be looking for new tenants.