High IQ Make Dip

High IQ Make Dip

So, Bu-Pak, invite your little one swimming. Though still a baby, no problem. In fact, the newborn will not sink if dicemplungin into the water.

The results of research in Melbourne, Australia, points out, in statistical IQ children who are taught to swim since the baby higher than children who cannot swim are taught or taught to swim after the age of 5 years. The kids his IQ measured when they are 10 years old. Not only that, the growth of physical, emotional and social matter better.
Other studies have pointed out, the baby more easily taught to swim kontraktor kolam renang rather than adults, because the baby never had a X factor such as danger. Isn’t the baby yet understand the dangers? Anyway, the baby is very fond of the water so that she would love to be invited to take a dip. Well, this makes it so much easier to learn to swim. In addition, infants up to the age of 3 months can go next → into the water without fear of drowning, because at that age, he has a lot of handy stepping reflex for swimming. “The stepping Reflex is a reflex that accompanied one of the baby as well as grasping and walking reflexes reflexes,” explains Dr. Karel Staa of RS Pondok Indah, who is also a former 200-meter record holder swimmer breaststroke in 1960-1962.

So, when we put the baby under 3 months in water, automatically it will wave its feet resembling a dog paddle so no drowning. It could be said, at the age under 3 months babies can already swim with a primitive style. It does not mean that after age, the baby is unable to swim again, lo.
Although refleksnya have already disappeared, he still can do the movement is not organized or swim though disheveled. Because, with no gravitational force, he felt pressured from below the water so that he could float. He was so happy. Moreover, since in the belly of the mother, the baby is actually also already swimming in the amniotic water for 9 months.
After birth, his ability to swim lived improved only. In fact, because of the popularity of this swim, abroad until there is a process of giving birth in the water, lo. “Medically, this will not cause a problem because it is a natural process.” So, there is no more reason to doubt invites the little swim, ya, Bu-Pack.

Well, now Share the more steady, right, invites the little swim? But berenangnya at home alone, Yes, if the age of the little one is still under 6 months, in order to control the cleanliness and temperature of the water. Don’t forget, in this age of the baby’s immature digestive enzymes. So if he was accidentally swallowed water clean kala swim, can lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, and so on. Not that at home there should be the pool, lo. Anyway, a lot of objects that can be used as a substitute for the pool like a bathtub, big buckets, bathtubs and more. Well, baby make it a habit to play there. “Actually, when a baby bath or play central air is one way to recognize or soak up water on the child,” said Karel. After the baby is 6 months old and above then bring it to the outdoor swimming pool or the public. “But should select, Yes. Maybe in Indonesia is still difficult because we, right, baseball had a special outdoor swim baby. In fact most swimming pools in Jakarta, the water is used it-that’s it, muter alone there. Diputarnya wear of the machine and then added chlorine and leaves or litter is lifted; Once a month recently replaced. ” This is due to the difficulty of water sources in Jakarta. Other in the mountain town such as Bogor and Cibodas, “they have pools where the water flows”.

So, when you want to carry the baby swimming in a public pool, select the appropriate time, i.e. when the pool is still in a State of the net; usually in the morning. “Temperatures are also to be adjusted, it’s not more than 31 or 32 degrees centigrade.”
Specifically for babies aged one month first, temperature 34-35 degrees Celsius. Other hygiene to be aware of is kaporitnya, “don’t be too saturated, because chlorine can result in irritation of the skin, eyes, and more.” The size of the chlorine that is assigned to the child is 6-8 ppm. Beware, the Bu-lo, Sir, if the baby is already feel traumatized because her eyes stung, for example, will further constraint.

An important note, when swimming babies must feel safe and indeed there must be a safety net. So, parents have to accompany her. This is an absolute requirement, lo. “If parents are similarly entered into the water and swim with the baby, then in addition to any baby feel safe, can feel there is a response from parents,” said Karel. Besides, with accompanying parents also could play with babies so there is human interaction. “This is one of the advantages of swimming.”
Try compare kala new baby learn to sit or walk, whether parents will accompany and perform the same movements continuously with the children? Kan, Nah. “Well, beren

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