Home Away From City Center, Origin …

Home Away From City Center, Origin …

Limitations of land and costs make us have to be heartened to buy a house in an area far from downtown.

The problem is the distance to the city center-where is your location to work-quite far away, even you need more than an hour to travel.

Surely the sacrifice of the time is not small, especially considering the fuel budget to be spent.

So, in order not to trouble you, even if you intend to buy a home away from the city center, make sure at least four of these six points are in your home.

The size of the house is bigger

Make sure the breadth of your home-including the yard-is bigger than the same valuable house downtown.

The problem is if you buy a house that is too small in suburban or suburban areas, once you get home you will feel more tired.

The small house gives the impression of being confined. As much as possible the house has a page and a room that makes you free to move.

Access is plenty

That is not only the house can be reached through one street or one means of transportation, but there are other alternatives.

For example, your house is quite close to the highway, so you can use the highway facilities to get to your home.

However, to get to your house, there are still other gambar rumah minimalis alternative ways, even can be reached by using the train transportation.

Public vehicles operate until night

There are times when you do not always use private vehicles. For example when trying to save fuel, or when the vehicle is damaged.

For that, make sure public vehicles around the house can be relied upon until night. You see, the area of ​​easy vehicles generally tend to be crowded and more secure than the area that the vehicle is generally limited.

Complete facilities

It’s useless, dong, if you occupy an area of ​​†<†<an unending housing, not even a mini market nearby.

When you are in a state of urgency, such as gas or gallons of water at home runs out, you certainly need a facility that provides the need.

Make sure there is also a health facility near your home. Do a survey before buying a house, see the conditions around the house, whether there is a mini market, food stalls, health facilities, and security.

There is progress

Pay attention to the conditions in your home environment. If from 10 years ago until now the area has not changed-you can survey or ask the people around-you should undo your intentions as this indicates the absence of home value growth.

Select the surrounding housing looks positive changes, for example, the road is getting wider, the more online transportation around the house, or start built campus or office around it.

Trusted developers

Remember, local governments are beginning to be firm in setting the rules for housing development, for example not in watersheds, and not in high-voltage electrical areas.

Some well-known and trusted developers tend to follow the rules. However, there are also rogue developers who outsmart it. Instead of gambling, better choose housing that the developer bona fide.

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