House Paying Prevention Strategy

House Paying Prevention Strategy

Property prices, one residence, will increase. Because the land is increasingly limited, while the population in our country is increasing.

No wonder if everyone seems to scramble to get home as a place to live. Various ways were taken, including by installments.

But installing a home does not mean to make your salary so just passing through. Consider the strategy for your savings are not thinning.

The total amount of debt repayments overall should rumah idaman not exceed 30% of your income. This is to prevent any disruption to operational costs (meals, transportation, utility bills, credit and other charges).

Odd, right, if the salary runs out for mortgage repayments, while you have to owe to pay for daily needs.

Do not be tempted immediately when you see the ad housing. Remember, the bank only helps 70% of the price of his house, while you have to collect DP.

Prepare funds for DP house plus notary fees and taxes by saving for 1-3 years earlier.

In order to quickly accumulate, use bonuses, THR, money side job results, and your dividends for these savings.

Sacrifice your desire first to have a new vehicle, expensive branded goods, or the habit of hanging out at favorite caf├ęs.

All funds are better collected to help the DP accumulate. If calculated, the budget you spend to eat in cool restaurants and spending for a year is probably enough to raise DP funds home.

If your monthly income is not enough and you can hardly live with the remaining salary after deducting the installment, you should lighten the amount of the installment by extending the credit period. For example, from 10 years to 15 years.

When you buy a second home, try to negotiate with the previous owner about the waivers of DP payments.

For example, you request a DP payment in installments within a certain time period and without interest.

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