Infidelity can incur stress

Infidelity can incur stress

a way to avoid infidelity, is to always maintain the harmony in the household, because that’s the goal in a marriage …
Tapin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia (Reuters)-Doctors Boyke Dian Nugraha SPoG says, the infidelity happened between the husband or wife and the other couple could potentially cause stress for the perpetrator.

It is delivered expertly seasoned Sexology when giving in the seminar with the theme of harmonious families increase work productivity in Tapin, South Kalimantan, Monday.

He reveals, many of the negative side of infidelity in the household, not just the stress, but can also result in various diseases of the vital organs, pregnancy is not dikehandaki, and can menimbulakan disease cervical cancer.

The peselingkuh, usually always feel calm and always haunted sense of fear, not to mention a wide range of issues posed due to infidelity, which is quite complex, so that could be causing the issue increases and can make stress.

“One way to avoid infidelity, is to always maintain the harmony in the household, because that’s the goal in a marriage,” he said.

He also gives tips on the secrets of a successful marriage, namely maintaining communications, kecocockan properties, conflict resolution, religious, sex, how to utilize free time, financial, and openness in the education and welfare of children and relatives.

Maintain communication, added he, always discuss the various problems that occur in the household openly, so the growing mutual understanding between husband and wife.

The event, organized County Government Office of women’s empowerment through Tapin and child protection in cooperation with TP PKK Tapin.

Regent Tapin, HM Arifin Arpan, highly appreciated the activities of the workshop on the improvement of the role of this woman, and she was very enthusiastic about the activities which directly filled Dr. Boyke it.

“With the existence of this workshop, we hope will be promoted with the harmony in the household, not the occurrence of the affair,” said Arpan.

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