Select The Right Diaper Yuk To The Grassroots, The Mother

With so many brands of diaper that is currently circulating in the market, both external as well as domestic brands, then don’t be surprised if a lot of parents who may still feel confused to choose the right diaper for the fruit of their hearts.

However, you certainly don’t need to worry, mother. Of cause, you can choose diaper Sweety currently has many selected by Indonesia’s consumers. It is as expressed by the Damayanti Wenny, Marketing Manager of PT Indonesia Softex.
“Sweety is a brand of diapers from PT. Softex Indonesia already mastered market share and gain consumer confidence Indonesia. The belief is certainly resulting from hard work PT. Indonesia Softex to create baby products tested clinically from Australian Dermatest centre as hypoallergenic materials and is safe for baby’s skin. ” Wenny said in Jakarta, Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Further himself also explains that Sweety always innovating follow the desires of consumers by launching innovative products for premium class i.e. Sweety Gold. This product is the result of a strong research and development as well as the international standard.

“This product has been tested through several stages that are promo giant hari ini quite long, and have passed the test tests both national and international. Sweety gold produced from material selection and launched in 2 types, i.e. type pants and the type of adhesive, “he explained.

Types of pants or sweety pantz gold has a size that varies from S to XXL, whereas the type of adhesive or Sweety Comfort Gold has size from newborn up to size L.

Sweety Gold produced using technology first and unprecedented in Indonesia, namely diamond layer techonology or technology with a layer of bertektstur diamond in the second type. This technology makes Sweety Gold 3 in 1 advantage, i.e. lapisannya is very soft and safe for baby’s skin, as well as being able to make the liquid is distributed with super fast and is absorbed instantly, so that the surface will always be dry.

“This technology makes the latest diapers, Sweety Gold, it has the ability to accommodate a fairly large, more than regular diapers with the same levels of absorbency. This is because, the liquid which does not rotate in one place only, “explains Wenny.

According to Wenny, Sweety Gold is the first in which Indonesia diapers certified dermatologist Australia. A plus of Sweety Gold certainly is due to the Diamond Layer Technology that makes the top layer of diapers very smooth with absorption and maximum capacity that can hold ompol baby all night.

In addition to actively innovate creates new products that understand the needs of the small, caring Sweety towards child development Indonesia also conducted through activation-activation Sweety Parent Academy.

“Sweety Parent Academy is a container to share tips and education for the development of the grassroots among the elderly. In addition, we also perform a digital campaign via youtube. ” Wenny Lid.

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