“Surfing” was developed at the beach Wafor

"Surfing" was developed at the beach Wafor

Supiori Regency Tourism Office is committed to focus develop Wafor Beach in the village as the location of the local Sawarkar surfing or surfing.

The head of the Tourism Office of the Regency Supiori Justus Noach Amsamsyum, at Biak, Wafor Beach Thursday, said it has good waves for surfing.

“The waves are not inferior to the Kuta Beach Bali so that in the future this will become a new tourist destination in Papua,” he said.

Justus explains to develop coastal regions this Wafor, it will work with the provincial government (provincial government).

“The beauty of the beach Wafor was not inferior to the Raja Ampat so should be encouraged to be developed so as to better acquaint the beauty of nature in Papua,” he said.

He said in addition to the beach, the beach of Wafor Rani also has a beauty under the sea that could potentially become a new tourist destination.

“Second place is the Middle prepared to become new tourist attractions that can add Income Native (PAD) in their respective territories,” he said again.

He added it was now the middle of building a gazebo, cottages and hotels in the vicinity of the beach and coastline Wafor Rani in order for the anniversary of the four-year leadership of Governor and Vice Governor of Papua Luke Enembe-Klemen Tinal, both locations can be established.

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