The Blue Dome of Mosque architecture Ciater and Full of meaning

The Blue Dome of Mosque architecture Ciater and Full of meaning

Blue Dome mosque Ciater is one of religious tourism attraction located in Ciater, Subang. The original name of the mosque is Masjid Jami U.s. Sa’adah was founded upon the proposal of Almh. Hj. Elizabeth Saa’dah with different kubah enamel Interior and architectural uniqueness. The mosque was built in the Sarimas Valley tourist area and is located just 200 m near tourist places Sari Ater. Here are the reasons why the mosque Jami U.s. Sa’adah is said to be exceptional and unique compared to the other existing mosque in Central Indonesia.


While you are visiting the area of Ciater, you will be able to see the mosque from the right side of the road and its beauty looks from the order 3 dome-shaped round and oval dome 5. U.s. Vault Sa’adah this wear the color blue as the main color are made with designs crossed each other since the top of the window. The reason why the design of the dome is made in the model line of the cross-tipped on the roof of the cupola of the dome of the philosophy itself, that human thought patterns that are different from one another, one day will still boils down to one point, that is, faith in God Almighty. As for the other privilege that can be found from the mosque, that is:

a. the Dome shape is distended like mushrooms have the meaning of the trial, guide, and protect anyone Muslims who worship to God Almighty.

b. the Vault also features a tiled blue diagonal component depicting the coat of arms of harmony, harmony, equality, and unity, in the sense that every muslim who came to worship this place will have the same equality in the eyes of Allah.

c. If you look closely, the dome of the mosque, this one has the design of taper on the ends of the tower due to the influence of the mosque of Kul Sharif Russia. Not only that, the color combination of blue and yellow on the Tower shows the concept of tolerance and cooperation that it intends to bring the development of religion towards the better.


In addition to the privileges shown in terms of the exterior, there is another feature that can be reviewed from the interior, namely:

a. Interior in mosques dominated the glass indicates equality and harmony in the building that indicates anyone could enjoy the comfort in the surroundings of the mosque.

b. U.s. Mosques Saa’dah also features a variety of architectural ceramic combination is very interesting,

c. strands of calligraphy that is on the perimeter of the walls and the inside of the dome shows passion for always remember his will to God Almighty nor the abundance of his grace.

d. When you look into the mosque’s ceiling area will look hanging crystal chandeliers that have a unique design and facilities into the mosque for Muslims worship at night.

e. supporting pillars who stand foursquare will also welcome you to come to the mosque.

Even though it is in a tourist resort, blue domes of mosques opened to the public and every day there are many worshippers who runs prayer 5 time in this place. Not only that, the mosque can accommodate up to about 900 worshippers are also often used for spiritual activities such as observing i’tikaaf, lectures, to the spiritual espousals. If you want to see the mosque, you can come to the area of Ciater, Subang and worship in the mosque while enjoying the view of the vast tea gardens.

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